Energy Efficient Pumps & Motors

pool pump repairPool Service can be complicated, especially if you are considering replacing an old or broken pool pump. Here are some tips on purchasing a new pump for your pool.

What would you consider when buying a new pump? A single speed pump, or a variable speed energy efficient pump? One cost less than the other, but both cost about the same the first year of operation. The variable speed, energy efficient pump will really show a cost saving, over all, on your electric bill. If you look at the cost of both pumps at start-up, the single speed costs about $500 with a standard operating cost of $100 a month. While the energy efficient pump costs $1,500 and can cost a few hundred dollars per year to operate.

Pool Pump Energy Savings

Energy savings is only one aspect of the advantages of switching to a variable speed pump.  With a single speed, your pump runs at full horsepower regardless of whether your pool needs it or not.   Pumps don’t need to run at full power all the time to keep your pool water clean. In fact, when you’re filtering your water, your pump can run at a much lower speed than when it’s doing more demanding jobs, such as running a water feature.

With a programmable pump, you can dial-in when you want it to run and exactly the speed your pool requires.  When combined with automation, your pump can be easily programmed from your cell phone, computer or tablet should you wish to increase or decrease your RPM.

Several states have energy efficiency laws regarding pool pumps. These laws are typically created as part of larger energy-efficiency laws, but they’re also part of the building codes that can be enforced and result in fines if violated.

Pumps like the Pentair Intellipro VS also offer an extended three year warranty (residential pools only).  They are better built and achieve up to an 83% energy savings.  Of course there are several factors that can affect your actual savings, like how many hours per day you run your pool pump, including the pump’s horsepower, pool usage, water balance, and the region you live in.

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